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PUXPO2000 - It's Official!

Official release from PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee

PUXPO2000 - It's Official!

PUXPO2000 Slogan:
"-Sync you? Sync me-"

-- The Palm-user party of the millenium is here! --

 The "Palm OS User's EXPO in Japan 2000" (PUXPO2000) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in conjunction with the "World PC EXPO2000" (Nikkei Business Publications, October 17 thru 21 at Tokyo Big Sight).

 The first PalmOS device, the Pilot 1000, was released four years ago. The first Japanese PalmOS device was introduced in 1999. Many other manufacturers have entered the market since then, contributing to the rapid development of the PDA market.

 Palm chose to make development information available to developers without charge, and this open nature gained the support of many developers early on, both in Japan and throughout the world. The flood of software developed for PalmOS, and affectionately called Palmware, allows any user to find the perfect application for their needs, and, in a sense, customize their PalmOS devices. Palm's built-in connectivity also brought many users together, and there are now close to 35 user-groups targeted at the Japanese PalmOS user community. Various personal and corporate websites have helped fire user enthusiasm.

 A group of volunteers has gotten together again this year to host PUXPO2000. This year's PUXPO will feature a "User's booth" within the Palm Computing KK booth at the World PC EXPO2000. Volunteers will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate peripherals, and trade information with visitors. The main event will be held on the final day of the EXPO, the 21st. The two part event will include a panel discussion by developers and website owners, games and events, and the biggest PalmOS user party ever. PUXPO2000 will be a golden opportunity to get to know PalmOS, Palmware, and the user community, and the PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee invites everyone, whether you're a PalmOS user or a potential PalmOS user, to stop by!

Event Outline

Name: Palm OS User's EXPO in Japan 2000 (PUXPO2000)

Date: Saturday, October 21 2000
 Part 1: 14:00 - 16:00 (open admittance, no registration required)
 Part 2: 17:00 - 19:00 (advance registration required, food and drink)

Nikkei BP's "World PC EXPO2000" will be open for the following hours:
 Oct 17: 12:00 - 18:00 (by invitation only)
 Oct 18 - 20: 10:30 - 18:00
 Oct 21: 10:30 - 17:00

Visitors are also invited to register for the various forums in session during the EXPO, including a session on Saturday morning with Palm's Chief Marketing Officer, Satjiv S. Chahil.

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Tower, 6th Floor

The User booth will be located within Palm Computing KK's booth (booth #4201)

Organization: PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee (Chairman: Yashimac Worp@holic (URL: http://www.worpaholic.com))

Supported by:
 Nikkei WinPC magazine (Nikkei Business Publications Inc.)
 PDA Kobo (Universal Systems Co., Ltd.)
 Sony Corporation
 Sonystyle.com Inc.
 IBM Japan KK
 Palm Computing KK
 iambic Software
 M-Logic Inc.
 Gijutsu Hyoron Co., Ltd.
 ASCII Corporation

The PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee is a completely volunteer, non-profit organization. Funds from our supporters is used to cover operation costs only.

 Part 1: Free Admission, no registration required
 Part 2: RSVP - party with food and drink

The entrance fee for the World PC EXPO2000 is 1500 yen. The WPC EXPO entrance fee will be waived upon advance registration at http://publications.asiabiztech.com/wpc2000/

Official Web: http://www.somethingfine.com/puxpo2000/
(Updates and registration information will be announce on the official website.)

Contact: puxpo2000web@somethingfine.com

Release Issued: October 6, 2000 PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee, Chairman


Please write the PUXPO2000 Organizing Committee at the following address if you have any questions or comments concerning PUXPO2000 or this site.


The PUXPO2000 bulliten board (in Japanese only)
is also available at:




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September 26, 2000
PUXPO2000 Official Site was opened

September 21, 2000
PUXPO 2000 BBS was opened

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